Keyboard and Vocals

Andy Wallace

My first meeting with Andy was during the same batch of  demo sessions as Adam when he came in to do a rhythm arrangment for another tune co-written with Frank and Richard 'It is what it is'. Sometime later when I cut the song for real in Milan we stuck with his original keyboards simply 'cos they were just so right. Shortly after,  when it finally dawned on me that I should put a live band together Andy was the obvious choice for what I needed - a funky electric piano and organ. During 95 and 96 he toured the U.K. and Europe with Raw Stylus.


In the past year he has contributed to the careers of two former members of Take That, arranging and playing on tracks for Howard Donald and touring the U.K. and Europe doing concerts and television with Robbie Williams. He also works with one of my 'Kokomo' buddies from the 70's, Tony O'Mally, playing organ. Andy has his own great unique 'feel' and is a joy to play with.