Jody Linscott

Right after A.W.B. formed I heard Jody playing at the old Speakeasy club in London with a band full of our kindred spirits called Gonzalez. A couple of years later she was in Kokomo alongside Jim Mullen and Tony O'Mally as we toured the U.K.and U.S. together. Back then most female musicians were backing singers so she has really been at the sharp end of changing attitudes.


After Kokomo broke up she was propelled into session work of great diversity - Ray Davies, Hall and Oates, Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, Frank Oz, Elton John, Billy Bragg, David Sanbourn and Bob Dylan to name a few. She also gigged with Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Herbie Hancock and Pete Townshend on the Who's 'Quadrophenia' tour. No stranger to television Jody also has many credits on the small screen and a couple on the big screen - 'No Nukes' and 'Give My Regards to Broad Street'.


Round about the time I started to look around for musicians I ran into her and we went to see Tony O'Malley's band at the 606 club in Chelsea and seeing a small band in that intimate environment really helped make my mind up. A lot of what I do now  benefits from the different colours that percussion can bring and the lady does that with great sensitivity.